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Helping YOU to Reinvent and Repurpose your Midlife

My Mission is to inspire and motivate midlife women to believe that they can do anything to start living a full and extraordinary life

Are you struggling with

wanting change but you don't know where to start?


feeling lost and overwhelmed?


lack of confidence, motivation or willpower?


a lack of clarity and practical guidance?


the tendency to procrastinate?

How I Can Help You

If you feel stuck and doubt yourself, you may need someone to listen, help you find inspiration, motivation and guidance to help you believe and create a plan of action. 

Let me help you believe that you have everything within you to make changes and maximise your potential.

What sets me apart is that I am a solution seeker with a positive attitude who shows up and moves forward with intention. I work online and can speak to you in English, Dutch and German anywhere in the world.


Who is this for

Do you feel your life lacks a purpose?

Suddenly you have time on your hands and you seek a new purpose. Whether it is as a result of retirement, losing a partner or being an empty nester, you may need to find inspiration and motivation to repurpose your life.

Let me help you explore options and a plan to give you the structure you need.


Do you want or need to create an income?

You would like to create a small business but you are afraid that you haven’t got what it takes. You are unsure what to do, feel you have no skills and that you have not much to offer.

My experience of setting up small business spans over more than two decades. I can help you create the mindset you need and develop a plan of action so you can get started.

Let’s discuss options and get you on track!


Are you moving to a new location?

You are dreaming of moving abroad or to a different region. You think it is not within your reach and will only ever be a dream.

I have moved abroad five times and know what it takes. Let me guide you through the steps and help you create a plan that will get you there. Let’s discuss and find a way.

Do you have habits that you don't want?

Do you have habits that no longer serve you but you can’t seem to find the belief, motivation and the will power to make them a thing of the past.

Whether it is quitting smoking, have a better diet or lack of exercise, it requires a certain mindset to be make changes and be successful.

You need to force yourself to get out of your comfort zone and do the work.

The fact is you are never going to feel like making the committment and changes and it takes effort breaking from your routines.

Let me show you how to commit!


Has the pandemic taken its toll on your life?

Initially you may have taken the effects of Covid 19 in your stride and made the most of it? Lately it is getting to you and it is making you feel frustrated, stressed and even defeated.

It helps to find a listening ear and get such feelings off your chest. You may need a new perspective, positive ideas and find a new purpose in this chaos.

If you like to explore this further, contact me and schedule your free call



How can you start and work towards your goals?

When you decide to invest in your own happiness and you are ready to give up unwanted routines or situations…..

If you are ready to be 100% committed to make changes and will do everything that it takes…..

Then, your next step is to contact me to schedule a 30 minute FREE CALL!

What happens in your Free Call?

During this 30 minute call we discover whether we connect to each other’s stories and are a good fit.

Essentially there are two reasons for this call. To discuss the issues you want/need to address and to see if we can work together.

How could this benefit you?

It will help you to define a few core issues and our conversation may clarify the exact nature of your concerns. 

We will decide on some action points and ideally formulate an outcome.

If you then decide you want to work on making changes and feel ready to commit, I can help you!

What is your next step?

If you make the decision you want to work on making changes and you feel ready to commit, I can help you!

Based on our conversation, I will send you a proposal that outlines how we can work together. This proposal will tell you exactly what you can expect from me.


When you commit to working with me.
  • We will start to discuss in detail what you see as the problem.
  • We decide on a comprehensive plan that is customised to your situation
  • We stay in touch as described in your specific package to see how things are going
  • I will be available by email to answer any questions you may have
What are you committing to?

Based on your concerns and goals, we will decide on the best strategy.

We will agree on your goals and the most suitable process we can set in place to achieve the outcome you desire.

We schedule a bundle of sessions and start working towards your goals.


Easy Done Change Packages

Easy Done Basic 

For those who need instant guidance over a shorter flexible period

More Details

This package gives you a bundle of 3 calls.

This entry level package is the perfect solution to address a specific problem in your life that you want to change

We start with an initial consultation call followed by two more calls up to an hour.

Unlimited email support throughout the length of the process.

You will receive a summary after each call.

Price 295€

Easy Done Pro 

High emphasis on finding solutions over a longer period

More Details

This package gives you a bundle of 6 calls.

This package aims to address more complicated circumstances where an indepth consultation is required to prepare for lifestyle changes. For instance this bundle could assist you preparing the steps needed for a relocation.

We start with an initial consultation call followed by weekly or fortnightly calls up to an hour.

Unlimited email support throughout the length of the process.

You will receive a summary after each call.

Price 485 €

Easy Done Elite 

An intense package for those who want to commit to make longlasting changes

More Details

This package gives you a bundle of up to 10 calls.

It is a longer term package that is perfectly suited to explore all choices and decisions you need to make when considering a career change, setting up a new business or when you want to move to a different country. It is a more specialised service that gives you guidance every step of the way

We start with an initial consultation call followed by weekly or fortnightly calls up to an hour. This is a bespoke service.

Unlimited email support throughout the length of the process.

You will receive a summary after each call.

Price 675 €

About Easy Done Change

I like to call myself a ‘change facilitator’! Initially I dabbled with the words mentor, coach, counsellor or guide but somehow these did not resonate with me.

I love the challenge of change and I always see potential when change is needed in my own life and in other people’s life.

People tell me that I inspire them to embrace change and motivate when it seems a struggle. Often, I get to hear that my positive attitude suggests possibility and that they will be able to figure it out!

I realise I value being like that and I love helping people to get unstuck and guide them to craft a way out.

As a result, Easy Done Change was born!

Apart from helping people to make changes I am also a blogger and have been for over a decade.

I write about lifestyle changes such as moving abroad, creating a small business and changing  unwanted habits and negative thought patterns.

To see my blog, head over here!


I believe there are few things Marijke wouldn’t be prepared to tackle. She’s innovative, has common sense and an interest in finding ways to support and create. I believe she would be a safe pair of hands to help people on their way.

Rinske M

Marijke has helped me to set up my business with genuine enthusiasm, heartfelt warmth and always made me believe that I could succeed. Within 8 weeks I reached my goals and beyond. It was an eye-opening experience, it was fun and felt I was given the right type of direction – friendly, never forceful and with a sense of humour. I highly recommend Easy Done Change and would use them again without hesitation

Nicolette M

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