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Hi, I’m Marijke!

The founder of Easy Done Change.

I am here to help you find purpose after 50

My Story

Meet Marijke, the face behind Easy Done Change!

Let me tell you why I love change. The answer is that I think it is exciting, possible and often necessary.

Eckhart Tolle says:

“Change happens when it needs to happen. Humans evolve when they reach a critical point”.

When you become aware of this critical moment in time, change is a natural consequence!

My ‘Change’ story

All through my life I have dealt with change. It started when I had lost both my parents by the time I was 21. I changed homes, towns and countries several times and more than often with a surprising ease that seemed bizarre.

I realise that I love to take on changes. I am naturally good at accepting and adapting to new circumstances.

I have moved cities three times, countries 5 times, careers a few times and have created a string of small businesses, some more successful than others. One thing always stood out and that was that I take on whatever comes my way with a positive mindset.

My background

My background is mostly in working with people in a positive way in a variety of settings. Effective communication is high on my list. I have worked with people dealing with anxiety disorders, phobias, OCD and those struggling to quit smoking. I have consulted those who needed to make changes to their health. I have also worked with people who wanted to make changes to their homes or gardens.

To sum it up: those people who need inspiration and motivation to get back on track when they get stuck in some area in their lives.

In 2017 my husband and I left Australia to start a new life in France. We are not yet retirement age and started to research setting up an online business. While doing this I realised that I wanted to create an opportunity where I was able to combine all my past experiences, qualifications and skillset in one business.

Change as a business

I have qualifications in Psychology, body work and several areas of counselling. I have become accredited in coaching. I am drawn to coaching or mentoring people because of the positive nature of life coaching. Counsellors tend to work more with the past in mind while coaches target the future and believe that their clients have everything within them to make positive changes.

Hence, Easy Done Change was born!

Apart from helping people to make changes I am also a blogger and have been for over a decade.

I write about lifestyle changes such as moving abroad, creating a small business and changing  unwanted habits and negative thought patterns.

To see my blog, head over here!

If you are facing one of those and need guidance……




My Promise To You

Get inspired

If you wish or need to make changes, you will get inspiration and encouragement.

Get motivated

You will learn that change is possible and how to take action. You will also learn how to commit and to deal with fear.

Make a commitment

Don’t wast any more time. In the end, it is not what it is, but it will become what you make of it!

Take action

If this is YOU and you want empowerment and motivation, let me be your guide!

My Approach

How many of us are wasting time on being indecisive, how many of us have dreams but never do anything with them and leave them for what they are – just dreams?

How many of us would like to get out of a situation but are not doing anything to make that happen and how many of us are merely fantasising about what could be?

What stories are we telling ourselves about the situation we are in?

That we could, should, can’t or maybe just plain won’t…..??

I am a positive and optimistic person. I feel I am resilient enough to bounce back from negative experiences. I also feel I am flexible enough in adapting to changing demands of stressful experiences. But most of all I feel that I have the ability to grow from challenges.

That sums up my approach to life but also to helping others. One of my favourite quotes is by Dieter Uchtdorf:

It is your reaction to adversity, not the adversity itself, that determines how your life’s story will develop

 Let me ask you!

How will your life story develop? What do you need to do, to make it go in the direction you want it to go?

If you are not sure, let’s discuss!

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